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Department's vision:

The Department aspires to be one of a classified department of chemistry and known for the researches and education. In order to achieve that, the department of chemistry seeks to create a solid scientific environment, develop educational curricula for primary and higher studies, and interest in research and scientific publishing in well-established international journals in order to motivate the staff to excel in spreading knowledge and science and to prepare distinguished quality graduates to meet the needs of society.


Department's message:

The mission of the department of chemistry is an integral part of the mission of the collage of science, which strives to benefit from the ranks of science and knowledge and to provide the society with scientific cadres in the various fields of science, including chemistry, which form the nucleus of advanced societies. This can solve the industrial, health and environmental problems that facing our beloved country. The department seeks to instill in students the spirit of perseverance and self-confidence, continue to collect the sciences according to various scientific ways and provide experienced and educational supervisors for all stages of study to develop the knowledge of students and helping them to overcome the difficulties.

Department's target:


1- Preparing qualified graduates scientifically and technically in all areas of chemistry in order to contribute to national development programs and community service.

2- Conduct academic and applied scientific research within the framework of an annual research plan and stimulate researchers and students to publish the results of their research in international and solemn journals with a distinct impact factor.

3- Contribute to the dissemination of scientific culture through the publication of research and articles in scientific (local and Arabic and international) journals and participation in specialized scientific conferences and seminars.

4- Providing analytical support and scientific consultation to the public and private sectors in all fields of chemistry.

5- Establishment of a central analytical laboratory equipped with modern equipment to carry out analytical activities supporting the research plan and providing analytical services to beneficiaries.

6- Holding scientific seminars with the participation of faculty members and graduate students in order to spread scientific awareness among the staff of the department and students.

7- Providing academic curricula based on connecting the theoretical science and laboratory experience with constantly updating it.


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