Lecturer Information
Name: Prof. Dr.Emad Abdul-Hussain Yousif
Gender: Male
Academic Degree: Ph.D.
Academic Title: Professor
General Specialization: Chemistry
Specific Specialization: Applied inorganic chemistry
Resume: Download
Google Schoolar: unavailable

Courses taught by Prof. Dr.Emad Abdul-Hussain Yousif in the current Academic Year

Subject Type Theoretical Hours Practical Hours Additional Hours Units Lecturer Syllabus Lectures
Inorganic Chemistry DR 2 2 0 3 Theoretical Download unavailable
Inorganic Chemistry DR 2 2 0 3 Theoretical Download unavailable
Inorganic Chemistry DR 3 0 0 3 Theoretical unavailable unavailable
Elective - inorganic application DR 3 0 0 3 Theoretical unavailable unavailable
inorganic application Elective - DR 3 0 0 2 Theoretical unavailable unavailable

Researches of Prof. Dr.Emad Abdul-Hussain Yousif

Title Journal Country Impact Factor Publish Year Volume No. Research Link
Spectrally selective coating of nanoparticles (Co3O4: Cr2O3) incorporated in carbon to captivate solar energy Heat Transfer—Asian Research USA 0.82 2020 49Issue3 View
New coating synthesis comprising CuO: NiO/C to obtain highly selective surface for enhancing solar energy absorption Polymer Bulletin Germany 1.858 2020 6 View
Enhancement of Photostabilization of Poly(vinyl chloride) Doped with Sulfadiazine Tin Complexes J Vinyl Addit Technol USA 1.55 2020 26 370-379 View
Eco-friendly green corrosion inhibitors in overview Research Journal in Advanced Sciences Nairobi 2020 1(1) 7-16 View
Moral Integration and Transparency as Cornerstone of Safety in Chemistry Laboratories International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation United Kingdom 2020 24 View
Iraq Faces the COVID-19 with Limited Health Capabilities and Major Medical Challenges Latin American Journal Latin America 2020 5 View
A Case Report and Review Be Aware to Avoid Accidents at Home Safety Science and Technology China 2020 10 View
Lipsticks Elemental Analysis by Energy Dispersive XRay Used as Criminal Evidence Forensic Medicine & Toxicology India 2020 14 View
PVC Films Performance Stabilized By Dibutyltin(IV) Complex For Sustainable Environment Journal of Physics United Kingdom 2020 1664 View
Electro-Physical Properties of Renewable PVC Thin Films Doped with Cr2O3 Nanometals Psychosocial Rehabilitation / 2020 24 View
The Morphology and Performance of Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Containing Melamine Schiff Bases against Ultraviolet Light molecues Switzerland 3.267 2019 24 View
Impact of stabilizer on the environmental behavior of PVC films reinforced 1,2,4-triazole moiety Environmental Science and Pollution Research Switzerland 3.306 2019 26 View
Morphological, Liquid Crystal and Optical Band Energy Properties of Polyphosphates Al-Nahrain Journal of Science Iraq 2019 22 View
Compatibility Guide for Hazardous Materials in Laboratories Open Access Journal of Chemistry USA 2019 3 View
Gas Storage and Separation in Metal Organic Frameworks Open Access Journal of Chemistry  USA 2019 3 View
SEM morphological analysis of irradiated polystyrene film doped by a Schiff base containing a 1, 2, 4-triazole ring system Applied Petrochemical Research Germany SJR 0.13 2019 9 View
Controlling the Photo-Degradation Rate Constant of PS Containing Nickel (II) Complex Al-Nahrain Journal of Science Iraq 2019 22 View
Long-term effect of ultraviolet irradiation on poly (vinyl chloride) films containing naproxen diorganotin (IV) complexes molecues Switzerland 3.267 2019 24 View
Synthesis of Telmisartan Organotin(IV) Complexes and their use as Carbon Dioxide Capture Media molecues Switzerland 3.267 2019 24 View
Photostabilization of Poly (vinyl chloride) by Organotin (IV) Compounds against Photodegradation molecues Switzerland 3.267 2019 24 View
A Spectral, Optical, Microscopic Study, Synthesis and Characterization of PVC Films Containing Schiff Base Complexes Baghdad Science Journal Iraq 2019 16 View
Photo-Physical Studies of PVC Mixed with Organotin (IV) Complexes Al-Nahrain Journal of Science Iraq 22 2019 View
Chemical container and risk of replacement—real examples from chemistry laboratories Archives of Chemical Studies Europe 2018 1 View
Synthesis of NIO:V2O5 Nanocomposition and its photocatalytic efficiency for methyl orange degradation Heliyon Europe 2018 4 View
Potential of Carbon Nanotubes in Enhance of Photocatalyst Activity Archives of Nanomedicine USA 2018 3 View
Synthesis, X-Ray diffraction, theoretical and anti-bacterial studies of bis-thiourea secondary amine Journal of Molecular Structure Europe 2.011 2018 1159 View
Risk assessment in postgraduate laboratories. Journal of Public Health and Nutrition USA 2018 1- Issue 3 View
Scientific and Applied Activities for the ChemistryDepartment, College of Science, Al-Nahrain University to Enhance Security and Safety in 2017 Oriental Journal of Physical Sciences India 2018 3 (2) View
Antioxidant activity of vitamins against free radicals International Journal of Research in Engineering and Innovation India 2018 2- Issue 3 unavailable
Identification of the Potential Hazards in a Teaching Chemistry Laboratory International Journal of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Research Article USA 2018 1(1) View
Determination of Toxic Elements in Tobacco, Tobacco Smoke and Ash from Selected Imported Cigarettes Brands Al-Nahrain Journal of Science Iraq 2018 21 (4) View
Design and synthesis of porous polymeric materials and their applications in gas capture and storage: a review Journal of Polymer Research Europe 2018 25 View
Gold Nanoparticles: Applications in Photo-Thermal Therapy (PTT) International Journal of Research in Engineering and Innovation Europe 2018 2 View
Detection the Degradation of PS Thin Films Containing Triazole Complexes by FTIR Technique oriental Journal of Physical Sciences India 2018 3 View
Hydrogen Balloons: Bright Colors but Hidden Fire Hazard International Journal of Public Health & Safety India 2018 3 View
Hydrogen in fuel cells: An overview of promotions and demotions Interdisciplinary Journal ofChemistry United Kingdom 2017 2 View
A Postgrduate Laboratory Renovation Iraqi National Journal of Chemistry Iraq 2017 17 View
Lack of maintenance in a chemica l laboratory has almost caused an accident Opn Acc J Chem Europe 2017 1 View
Evaluating a chemical/biological laboratory to promote safety measures Orient. J. Phys. Sciences India 2017 2 View
Environmental problem from the Combustion of Sulfur in Mishraq Field Specialty Journal of Chemistry Europe 2017 2 View
Investigation of the Photodecomposition Rate Constant of Poly (Vinyl Chloride) Films Containing Organotin (IV) Complexes Journal of Al-Nahrain University- science Iraq 2017 20 View
New Eco-Friendly Phosphorus Organic Polymers as Gas Storage Media polymer Europe 2017 9 View
Metal complexes of Schiff base: Preparation, characterization and antibacterial activity Arabian Journal of Chemistry Saudi Arabia 2017 10 View

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