Lecturer Information
Name: Prof. Dr. Ahmad kamal ahmad
Gender: Male
Academic Degree: Ph.D.
Academic Title: Professor
General Specialization: Physics
Specific Specialization: Electron Optics
Resume: Download
Google Schoolar: View

Courses taught by Prof. Dr. Ahmad kamal ahmad in the current Academic Year

Subject Type Theoretical Hours Practical Hours Additional Hours Units Lecturer Syllabus Lectures
Electrodynamics DR 3 0 0 3 Theoretical unavailable unavailable

Researches of Prof. Dr. Ahmad kamal ahmad

Title Journal Country Impact Factor Publish Year Volume No. Research Link
Improve the material absorption of light and enhance the laser tube bending process utilizing laser softening heat treatment Optics and Laser Technology Holland 2.5 2018 99 View
Influence of optical feedback strength and semiconductor laser coherence on chaos communications Journal of the Optical Society of America B USA 2.048 2018 35 View
Differential algebraic description for aberrations analysis of typical electrostatic einzel lens Optik Germany 1.19 2018 168 View
Coherence Resonance in Optical Feedback Chaos: Hiding Frequency in Chaos Communication in tech opeb book Czech ch. 9 2018 View
Investigation of material speci?cations changes during laser tube bending and its in?uence on the modi?cation and optimization of analytical modeling Optics and Laser Technology Holland 2.5 2017 95 View

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