Lecture on ionic liquids
Tuesday، 13 June 2017

   Within the principles framework to communicate and exchange experiences between universities. Professor Dr. Hadi Mohamed AbiAboud, Dean of the Faculty this week, and by a special invitation from the dean office of the Faculty of Science / Muthanna University spoke a lecture entitled (Ion fluids) and how to use them, attended by the President of Muthanna University, named by Assistant professor Dr. Hassen Oda Al-Ghanamy with both assistants of the University in addition to the deans of a number of collages and a collection of tutors and university students. The lecture dealt with the definition of ionic fluids and a brief summary of its origins and components as well as researchareas used currently and in the future, including this field of research promising visions in Replacing current solvents and many manufacturing ways from chemical products as well as conducting experiments and reactions in these modern ionic liquids.


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