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The department was established in the Collage of Science / Al-Nahrain University in the year 1988. Thus the period of study in the department is four years long punctuated with a spring holiday for only two weeks and then with a long summer holiday for two months.

The department grants a B.Sc. degree after preparing the students scientifically to line up with technical develop in the scientific research field to serve both private and general section.

The department contains 22 lecturers that carry Ph.D certificate in various scientific titles and 25 assistant lecturers that carry a M.Sc. certificate in various specializations which are distributed in the department in addition to the administrative staff which contains 5 employees.

The undergraduate that study in the department depend on improved teaching methodology which is put from efficient lecturers by the help of methodology of prestigious worldwide Universities which must be appropriate and in line with technical improvement. The student study three years of basics Physics and in the fourth year all the students are divided in to four groups according to various specializations where as an optional lesson must be chosen by the student according to its desire with additional advanced basic lessons.

The student will practice the applicative part thought the study period in the primary advanced laboratories with the research project which continues the last year which at the end the student must discuss it through seminars.

Scientific areas where graduators can work:

There are several scientific and practical fields that graduators could provide their experience because of what they have in basic preparations; the fields are as explained below:

  1. The scientifical and educational field: Graduators from the department can perform many basic and important tasks in the field of educational and scientific research.
  2. Industrial field: Graduators from the department can perform all tasks in industrial laboratories, as well as quality control laboratories and standardization.
  3. The health field: Graduators from the department can perform acts of environmental scanning and conducting medical tests through their ability to use special technical examination devices.
  4. Energy field: Graduators in the department can perform specialized tasks in the field of energy in general and renewable energy in particular
  5. The field of oil: Graduators from the department can perform field and laboratory tasks in the oil industry section.

Guidelines for undergraduate and postgraduate studies:

  1. The studentsare given basic lessons in physical science in the first and second stage of study and the third and fourth stage a more specialized lessons are given in addition to the summer application and the graduation project which aim to build a solid scientific base that qualifies them to practice their scientific tasks.
  2. Students are given the four years of study, general and specialized laboratories which are escorted to the theoretical platform and thus can increase the ability of the physical phenomena realization especially those that have direct connection to public life.
  3. The postgraduate studies (PhD and M.Sc.) consist of two phases which are the preparation year where it is divided in to two session where as the first session basic lessons are given and in the second session basic and optional with more specialized lessons are given by only four lesson for each session in addition to the English language and an comprehensive exam is added to the PhD students.

The second session is the scientific research either in the theoretical or practical side which continues a whole year for the M.Sc. students and two years for the PhD students after that the student discusses the project with a specialized committee that grant the certificate to qualify such in conducting tasks within the specialization.

Admission rules for undergraduate and postgraduate study
First: the acceptance in undergraduate studies:

  1. Attended student must be high school graduator scientific branch
  2. The degree gained is no less than 75% to qualify for the competition with others.
  3. The student is under the central acceptance controls from Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research


Second: the acceptance in postgraduate studies:

  1. To attend the study the student should be an exclusive collage of science graduator.
  2. Must have a well curriculum vitae with good behavior and has no repetition year caused by fraud.
  3. Graduators from the Collage of Education are entitled to apply for Graduate Studies at private expense.
  4. The minimum average is 65% for the M.Sc. study and the minimum average for the Ph.D. is 70%
  5. The specialization of the attended student is determined when applying for graduate studies according to the five branches of physics restricted by the department.

Plan fortheDepartment’s study:

The departments study general lines can be summarized follow:

  1. The graduator gains specialized skills that will prepare them to accomplish task related in physical science.
  2. To build a scientific, theoretical and a practical base in a certain depth that aim to teach the graduator knowledge in a way to run measurement and testing devices relate to the scientific research and industrial application.
  3. The dependency on solid scientific formulas in making the curricula's for the four stages in a way that the graduator will be able to gain scientific skills in analyzing questions in a suitable way.
  4. To put optional lessons in the fourth stage which has a wide specialization in various Physics which these lessons are increased in the postgraduate studies.
  5. The scientific committee in the department of Physic upon itself the presented researches as postgraduate researches along with yearly research plan for the department which also participates in putting the curricula's and its modification from time to time and supervising indirectly on student’s scientific scholarship.


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