Vision, massage and goals of the College of Science

The vision of the College of Science:

College of Science is to be the pioneer in the field of education and research in basic and applied science to serve the community and a center of innovation and creativity through the development of educational programs and high quality within international standards.

The College of science's message:

The College of Science offers programs of distinct study's and scientific research system to achieve the aspirations of the beneficiaries to contribute as ascientific house expertise in community service in both industrial and technical through the numbers of highly qualified graduators to support the quality of national development and to ensure the optimized employment of the general partnership.

College targets:

  1. Provide outstanding educational programs with high quality to contribute in providing students with knowledge assets and to develop the student's capabilityfor analytical and genuine thinking ways,to prepare pioneers of young creative and talented in the areas of science and technology.
  2. Keep up with scientific and technological progress through the educational plans and high quality curriculadevelopment, to contribute to forman academic and research staff able to contribute in community service.
  3. Preparing students to gain them applicative skills that are needed in market work throughout providing scientific, researchable, and improved computer laboratories in addition in preparing English language and advanced technique labs. 
  4. Apply the two systems of quality performance on all College  units so as to enroll perfection in both its educational and researchable output to gain confidence from the society and other educational institutes.
  5. Developing the skills of teaching staff through providing modern teaching technology and supporting them to participate in training courses and local and global excellence Conferences.
  6. Providing consulting and scientific and research studies to solve the technical and practical problems of the beneficiaries in government and civil institutions.
  7. Providing consult and scientific and research studies to solve technical and practical problems of the beneficiaries from civil and governmental institutions.

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