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Department of Mathematics andComputer Applicationswere founded in 1990after the establishment of the Collage of Science at Al-Nahrain University. The means of the Department is to graduate dedicated staff of Science in Applied Mathematics that has proven its efficiency in work in many institutions. The department supplied these efficiencies in distinct institutions that worked in the fields of medicine, engineering, applied science, economic; Etc. Graduators have proved the high efficiency assigned to them from the responsibilities and tasks in solving real problems, which stimulated the department on the curricula development and constantly diversifying them to keep pace with scientific progress made ​​in this area.

Scientific areas where graduators can work:

  1. Work in state institutions within the needs of computer specialization.
  2. Formulating mathematical models to solve problems of life within the threads of Engineering and Applied Science.
  3. Provide statistical treatments to the Ministry of Planning and Ministry of Health.
  4. Teaching in high schools, collages and universities.

Guidelines for undergraduate and postgraduate studies:

  1. Study the basics of Applied Mathematics throughout a theoretical and practical side to build a solid base for undergraduate students.
  2. Expansion of student's knowledge in using modern computer applications to solve mathematical problems in numerical ways.
  3. Increase awareness among postgraduate students in dealing with social problems faced by institutions and government departments to solve them through an appropriate formulated mathematical model.


Admission study rules
First: Admission to undergraduate study:

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Applications is subjected as a part of the higher education system in Iraq, where the central admission controls approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research depending on students interest and student total grades in competition with other students in the distribution of scientific departments.

Second: Admission to postgraduate study:
The collage is working on the applicative conditions concerning the admission of postgraduate students approved in the Council of the Collage of Science which is restricted by regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in additional to the conditions specified by the department itself, namely:

  1. The applied graduators should be exclusively from (Collage of Science for girls, branch of mathematics /Department of Applied Science from the University of Technology).
  2. Any student that applies the collage of science should not allow any failure year caused by fraud.
  3. Allowing graduated students from collage of education to apply in the case of non-completion of the required admission number according to the acceptation plan where as the applied graduators must be one of the top three students.

Studying departments plan
The plan for undergraduates study in the Department and exactly the first and second stage includes mostly non-theory which in this case the student is trained on the calculations and numerical ways of math's, and the other two stages third and fourth concentrates on 0the theoretical side (in addition to the applicative side) the specialties of mathematics are different but in general orientation the study plan is about Applied Mathematics and area of computer use.

The future plan of the department
Increase the number of seat for postgraduate study (Masters) and upgrading the department throughout professors to develop graduate (doctoral) so as to reach a variety of department specialization to include three branches in mathematics which is pure mathematics, applied mathematics, operations research and statistics.

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