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The department of Chemistry was established as a main academic department in the Collage of Science / Al-Nahrain University in the year 1988. The department grants a B.Sc.certificate in Chemistry Science after the completion of (143) study unit according to the general University plan, where the first three academic years depend on the vocabularies of curricula's within the requirements and dependable references in various worldwide Universities, as for the last phase it depends on teaching special advanced subjects and research project to ensure the graduation of Chemists in an advanced level qualified for work and creation in institutes hat have the same specialization. The department also includes three types of laboratories which are educational, researchable and service laboratories (Computer lab ,spectroscopy lab and specialized lab).

As for the postgraduate studies it’s accompanied by the undergraduate study pursued the same principle to emphasize the curricula's and the plans with an applicative and advanced features consisting: (Chemistry Analysis, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry). The department contain a well selection of Collage members in various Chemistry specialization with an amount of (21) lecturers that carry the Ph.D. certificate and (37) assistant lecturers that carry the M.Sc. certificate (where part of them took the path through the ministry of high education and scientific research to gain the Ph.D. degree from different countries such as America, United Kingdom and Australia) as well as technicians and administrative. The department contains (7) laboratories for students and more than (20) research laboratories.  

Scientific areas where graduators can work:

  1. Laboratories in the Ministry of Health and in governmental and private hospitals.
  2. Factories of drugs, pharmaceuticals and Chemical for both general and special sectors as Chemists and analysts.
  3. Generic quality and production laboratories in the Ministry of Industry and research centers.
  4. Teaching at various stages of education.


Guidelines for undergraduate and postgraduate studies:

  1. To concentrate generally on the basics and requirements of Chemistry Science and on the applicative side in particular faithfully this science depend basically on experiments
  2. To qualify the student scientifically to be capable in achieving tasks in teaching, academic research and in the industrial field with full confidence and efficiency.
  3. To prepare the student scientifically to expand its mental abilities to help continue in its academic study.
  4. To increase the knowledge in dealing with problems that faces various working fields and how to solve such problems.
  5. Develop modern curricula's to keep pace with scientific process.


Admission rules for undergraduate and postgraduate study

First: The acceptance in undergraduate studies:

The Acceptance in the department of Chemistry is due to the acceptance where the central admission controls approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research depending on student’s interest and student total grades in competition with other students distributed with other departments according tothe capacity in the departments itself.

   Second: The acceptance in postgraduate studies:

The appliance to the collage is done directly to the collage itself within the collage capacity plan approved by the ministry, where the student is accepted according to general conditions for postgraduate studies announced by the ministry as well as a competition test done to the students within an academic program approved by the department together with special additional conditions namely:

1-   Never accept graduators from the collage of education and the University of          Technology because of different nature of methodology.

2-  To pass the competition test for the academic program and making an

 interview,this is done by the department.

3-   The student undertakes the following:

  • A - To accept the specialization determined by the department.
  • B - Not to submit a request to postpone the master's study.
  • C - Not to submit a transfer request from the department to another                      department or another collage or university.

Study plan:

  1. Generally to improve and modify the entire academic curricula's for undergraduate studies and postgraduate studies in special just to comply with regional and international curricula's to keep pace with modern science.
  2. Selecting graduation projects for undergraduate students by concentrating on the scientific side to encourage them to depend on their selves in a scientific side application and to test the information that had been taught to them.
  3. The department is keen to round up the distance between University work and ministries of the State due to scientific matters as to support the process of scientific research and providing facilities for postgraduate students and helping them to complete their research projects.
  4. The department accepts consistently every year (30-35) undergraduate students to obtain the BS.C certificate in addition to (10-15) postgraduate student to obtain a Master's degree and (3-5) student to obtain  a doctorate degree .
  5. The department works constantly on developing the plans along with its academic and research programs to uplift the achievements of the university and society where it researcher's gain every year a ministerial honor in the day ministerial science in the field of scientific publishing.
  6. The departmentperforms an outstanding research activity within the annual research plan which reflects the lecturer's concernswhere then usually published in enclosed international magazines which has a relative high impact factor.
  7. The departmentworksas a coordinatewithcontinues educationat the University to establish training courses for employees of  the ministries of theState.
  8. To  care andwork on the development the culture of environmental protection ,scientifically and practically.



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