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Department of Computer Science was established at the Collage of Science since 1988, which provides a distinct educational program that qualifies students after graduation to engage in various areas of work to keep up in line with advanced technology in computer and IT specialization. The department grants a B.Sc. degree in computer science after teaching student for four years to keep students in continuing with a scientific research field and postgraduate studies.

The teaching Committee consists of (25 lectures) and (3 assistant lectures), scientific research groups in the department focus on the areas of specialization such as artificial intelligence, networks and calculating multimedia, and calculation distributor as well as" algorithms and computing theories, the undergraduate studies in the department rely an " educational" program highly flexible to response to the development requirements and modification, as it’s curricula focuses on the advanced qualification aspects in computer science as well as other scientific specialization subject. Students study in third and fourth grade specialized advanced subjects in line with developments in Computer science and IT, where the applicative practical side is considered as an "important" part in teaching to provide student’s opportunity to initiate, create and activate their potential through the implementation of practical projects by holding seminar.


Scientific areas where graduators can work:

  1. Work in all departments and state institutes within its specialization that need computer.
  2. Building specialized systems within the fields for different needs in public and private sector.
  3. Design, management and building computer networks.
  4. Design, manage and build websites for state institutions.


Guidelines for undergraduate and postgraduate studies:

  1. Study the basics of electronic computer (software, and hardware) from the theoretical and practical side to build a solid base for undergraduate students.
  2. Expand student's comprehension in the use of modern computer applications and operating systems.
  3. Raising awareness among postgraduate students in dealing with problems of life faced by state institutions and departments that need to be solved.

Admission rules undergraduate and postgraduate study
First: the acceptance in undergraduate studies

  1. The minimum rate should be (75%).
  2. Advanced age should not exceed (25 years).
  3. Must have an Iraqi nationality with both Iraqi parents.
  4. Does not have any crime rules involving moral turpitude but on the contrary should be in good behavior.

Second: the acceptance in postgraduate studies

  1. Applying for science graduators exclusively.
  2. Any student that applies the collage of science should not allow any failure year caused by fraud.
  3. Allowing graduated students from collage of education to apply in the case of non-completion of the required admission number according to the acceptation plan whereas the applied graduators must be one of the top three students.


Department’s Study plan:

  1. The general outline for the department’s curricula's and its study plan can be summarized as follows:
  2. Build outstanding programming skills where graduators carry the high efficiency in computer programming, which is considered as the priority of the department.
  3. Building a scientific knowledge base theory in which the student learns theoretical knowledge in computer hardware and software as to provide the scientific concepts from basic roots.
  4. Depending on applying the study curricula's to build scientific and practical skills in analyzing and building software systems and depending on complete software forms to help laboratory work, and depending forms used for laboratory and field work. 
  5. Develops mental capability through analysis and logical conclusion compounded with code sections to form an integrated computer system which is updatable and perpetuated.
  6. Depend on more than one operating system and make known subjects with all its details to use those systems.
  7. Students in the third year is able to choose one of the proposed terms in the department (as a pathway Specialist). As for subjects in each track, in one specialization must be selected by the Scientific Committee in the department so that they become interrelated subjects to complement each other.


Future Plan for Computer Science department:

Working on opening Master degree study once again and to raise the level of professors in the department. Increase the diversity of reference in the department to ensure the diversity of study for students and make various paths such as software engineering, multimedia, computer networks, and others.

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