A student seminar on professional safety
Tuesday، 13 June 2017

   Under the supervision of the Head department of Chemistry Assistant professor Dr. Nisreen R.Gabr,the second stage students from the chemistry department organized a workshop on occupational safety that dealt with safety aspects in some important production units likely to mention, natural gas treatment, hydrogen gas production, crude oil refining units, cement and detergent industry, recycling of plastic waste, safe handling of hazardous materials in these processes, in addition to the Potential risks of dealing with substances such as liquid nitrogen, dioxin and gasoline, sulfur, methane etc.Therefore Chernobyl accident was also analyzed for its causes and consequences. The students chose these topics and discussed them by preparing all the scientific concepts they studied during the semester, being aware to all natural risks and evaluating them according with dependable safety global standards.




   At the end of the seminar, the head of the chemistry department appreciated the teachers and students of the second stage efforts. She encouraged students to present such topics and seminars because of the importance of identifying and informing others the natural potential risks and ways of prevention and treatment that will sincerely reflect the students’ performance before and after the graduation. The seminar was attended by a number of tutor from the department.

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