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The College of Science was established with the founding of Al-Nahrain University in 1988 because of the need to set up an academic institution sponsoring outstanding students through excellent programs in education, research and training to make qualified cadres to contribute to help society development. The College then included only three departments' which where Chemistry, Physics, and Computer departments, the Mathematics and computer application department was then developed which was in year 1990, and in 1994 the Bio-Technique department was then developed, to become the College of Science, an academic component of five scientific departments seeking to make an outstanding base for basic Science, that includes planning and distinct study programs to satisfy the requirements of the world academic standards to be prepared for granting the B.Sc., M.Sc., and the Ph.D. certificate in pure and applicant science specialization.

The College contributed to prepare specialists in the fields of science and knowledge, techniques, and provide them with the necessary possibilities for further research to keep up with the tremendous development in the field of scientific research and technology,In addition to, publishing culture of innovation in the field of basic science and opening up to the requirements of society and filling needs. The College had prepared throughout its departmentsplans to encourage scientific research projects as well as strategic activities to establish cooperation and exchange of knowledge with scientific institutions within the country and outside it by participating in conferences and in local and general international seminars In order to create opportunities for College lectures to share their experiences and results of experiments and research. As a result, it gained a membership in the Association of Collages of Science in Arab Universities Union in 2008. In order to keep pace with the rapid development of science technology, thus the College is working on distributing culture in the university by establishing training courses as well as seminars and giving scientificlectures and tutorial seminars in the scientific and different fields of life.

The reflect the role of the College's in community service, helped to establish the consulting office in 2004 to provide services to government departments and its various institutions, while Continuing Education Center is working at the College on organization and implementation educational and training programs and by holding various courses in English language and information technology for students and beneficiaries within the College and outsideit, in order to achieve potential participants in the development of scientific skills and training.

The recent developments in science and various academic fields led to increase attention to academic quality, which has become the issue of quality assurance and emphasized on it, which became the focus of attention at all levels in order to reach graduators to the recognized level of universally standards, to be able forlocal, regional and global competition. In order to ensure the continuity of outstanding College education depending on application of quality assurance system in all the educational effectives of education, research and other activities to ensure delivery of high-quality academic programs and to gain excellence in this area.

College of Science had issued a specialized and enclosed scientific journal since 1996 which aims to spread the results of researchers in both Arabic and English within the specializations of academic departments in the College after a scientific and linguistic research checking to ensure rigiditythat keeps the scientific level of the magazine.

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