College Council

College of Science Council

      Is the highest administrative and financial administrative body in the college, and carries out its functions in accordance with the laws of the College Council and consists of Mr. Dean as President of the Council and the membership of each of the Dean's assistants for scientific and administrative affairs and heads of scientific departments as shown in the table below


Prof. Dr.  Mohammed sahib mahdi  Dean of the College  President of the College Council

Dr. Hassan Jaiad Sawadi                  Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs  Member of the Council
Dr. Fadel Sobhi Fadel                  Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs Member of the Council
Prof. Dr. Mahdi Saleh Shehab Head of Chemistry Department Member of the Council Member of the Board
Prof. Dr. Ban Nadeem Thanon  Head of the Computer Science Department Member of the Board
Dr. Osama Hamid Majid  Head of Mathematics and Computer Applications Department Member of the Board
Dr. Hind Sobhi Hussein Director of Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Department
Member of the Board
Hanan Abdul Latif Ibrahim Secretariat of the Council Member of the Council



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